Cubicle Spaces Private Limited


Cubicle Spaces based in Hyderabad specializes in Sauna Bath,Glass Shower, Steam Rooms, Steam Bath Generators, Sauna Bath Heaters, Urinal Partitions, Storage Lockers restroom partitions and Toilet cubicles in HPL. We not only manufacture these partitions & cubicles as per preconceived designs in different shades, shapes and sizes to suit the décor, but also install and service them at customer's premises. We are a startup company with a young team of eminent engineers known for their imagination, out-of-the-box thinking and ingenuity. This reflects in the quality we deliver and the accolades we receive for execution ahead of scheduled time.

Being a new entrant in the field, we know we have to go that extra mile to gain credibility and attract the prospects. This is why we are putting in our 200% to ensure that our accomplishments are exemplary. We spare no pains to give a new experience to delight our customer.


We have just begun our journey.But we want to be a front-runner, a trailblazer and a leader in restroom partitions & cubicles.Our aim is to be the most sought after name in this specialized business- line.Today we have an impressive list of clients.We want to enlist more number of national clients to our portfolio.This means we have to have a network of offices to ensure our proximity to our customers from across the country.We have to expand our product range and services spectrum so that we are resourceful.We must continue to be obsessed with quality and reliability of the highest order so as to delight our discerning customer.


Quality is a watchword at Cubicle Spaces .Our impeccable quality, unique work ethos and eminent service back-up have helped us earn our spurs.We have an ever growing list of customers who are leaders in their domains.We are perpetually engaged in meeting their exacting needs and surpassing their expectations.Though most of them are repeat customers, we treat every order as new and challenging.This approach helps us to pool all our resources and deliver best-in-class products of superlative quality and workmanship to our discerning customers.In a nutshell, our business is built on their unwavering trust in us.