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CS PD Doors


A combination of style and stability. CS PD Doors Manufactures in Hyderabad, Telangana, India Vibrance's Splendid is ideal for renovation projects, using existing intermediate brick walls. CS PD Doors Distributor With the usage of existing intermediate brick walls this model fits in perfectly as it suffices only the door requirements. Thus, Splendid replaces the traditionally used door setup with contemporary looking masonry walls. This model comes with a 12 mm or 18mm thick Compact Laminate doors in varied colors and designs along with aluminum and nylon polyamide (Grade 6) fittings.

Nylon Polymide Thumb-Turn & Indicator

Stainless Steel D-Post Channe

Nylon Polymide Coat Hook

Indicator Lock Set

Dimensions Detailing

Standard Dimensions General (mm) Physically Challenged (mm)
Door Width of cubicle 600-900 As this model only uses door applications the dimensions for physically challenged setup will depend on the site’s walls.
Height of entire cubicle 1980
Height of door 1830
Ground clearance 150 150