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CS Shoe Boxup


Experience CS Shoe Boxup Manufacturers in Hyderabad, Telangana, India Classique collections another style-invincible, developed from 12 mm multi-layer high pressure Compact Laminate to give unparalleled performance and a stainless steel top rail for providing extra strength and stability. Experience CS Shoe Boxup Distributor This 12 mm shoe box up model replaces the standard adjustable foot with a cleaner stainless steel box, located at the bottom to provide a clean line design. Rest of the hardwares like hinges, locks, door knobs and coat hooks are also produced in stainless steel. Thus, 12 mm or 18mm shoe box up model is the perfect selection for your restroom space designing.

Stainless Steel Shone Box Up

Stainless Steel Gravity Hinge

Head Rail Tubular Holder

Alloy Privacy Thumb Turn

Hardware Detailing

Each restroom cubicle is equipped with the following set of hardware fittings:

U Channel
(Stainless Steel 304)
Top Rail
(Alumunium Powder
F Channel
(Stainless Steel 304)
Coat Hook
(Stainless Steel 304)
Wc Indicator Lock
(Stainless Steel 304)
Door Knob
(Stainless Steel 304)
Auto Gravity Hinges
(Stainless Steel 304)
(Stainless Steel 316)
Door Stopper
(Stainless Steel 304)

Dimensions Detailing

Standard Dimensions General (mm) Physically Challenged (mm)
Width of cubicle 1000 1500
Depth of cubicle 1500 1750
Height of entire cubicle 2100 2100
Width of door 600 900
Height of door 1710 1710
Ground clearance 110 110